Home Based Business: The Mindset Story

You are searching the internet for the right home based business that will make you much money, your head is buzzing with excitement, you feel like this will be your answer to all your problems. You will be able to buy that car or house you have always dreamed about, but most of all you will have money in your pocket and plenty of it. That’s positive mindset.

So why do you feel like that? It’s a great feeling I know. Well, when you start reading these home based business websites sales copy or even the emails that you received, it all seems so simple to do. The promise of making mega dollars a month, the promise of someone will show you how it’s all done once you join their business opportunity. What can go wrong? It’s all being offered to you on a plate, all you have to do is pay a signing on fee and the money will start to roll in. Your head is full of things that you will be able to do once it all starts working you have no doubt this is it.

Now that you have joined your home based business opportunity, you have received a welcoming email explaining what you should do next and how to get going. You log into your back office of your new business and start reading the start up procedures, you are told to watch the training videos and take notes. You are still feeling great but not as good as you were when you were searching for your new home based business. Your mindset is starting to fade a little, but you are still positive.

It’s been a month since you started your new home based business and you are starting to get confused with what to do next. Your head is all over the place, what’s happening is you are now going into information overload, you have been reading and watching so many videos on how to build you home business, and now you are not sure what to do next. Your mindset is now changing from positive to neutral, but you still keep going.

It’s now 3 months on since starting your home based business, to date you have not made one penny from your business, you have been spending money on joining other sites that make claims that you will need their product to help grow your business, so what gone wrong? your mindset is falling off now to negative, you start to think you have made a very big mistake in joining this home based business.

Most people when joining a home based business opportunity don’t do any research into the opportunity, they automatically believe it’s that simple to make a living online. Then when they realize it’s not what they thought, they start to go down hill, and one of the first things they say is I have been scammed. So now they have gone from being totally positive to totally negative, there mindset has fallen.

The people that succeed in their home based business are the one’s that research first, then get some form of coaching or training, that will give them the basics of how to run any business, they find a good sponsor, someone who has a good reputation, one who is always ready to help and point them in the right direction. These people keep that positive mindset and normally go on to be very successful.

Conclusion: To keep that positive mindset, before you jump into any business be it online or offline, do your research first, find out what is required of you, will you have to invest anymore money in your business? Take your time, don’t rush, then research what form of coaching or training is required for your home based business. I am sure that if you take your time and don’t rush into things you will have all the success you desire with your home based business.

Why You Should Be Finding Customers For Your Network Marketing Business

Recruit, recruit, recruit! Is the theme for most network marketers. Why is the industry so focused on just recruiting new distributors and not getting customers? If you operate your business by just recruiting you are doing yourself an injustice, and missing out on gathering loyal customers that produce constant residual income.

There is a reason we have products and services and it’s not always about bringing people into the business. Majority of people do not want to join a network marketing business. Statistics show that you will find 1 in 1000 that are serious entrepreneurs and a staggering 1 in 25, 000 will be a leader in your business. But from a customer stand point it’s a mere 1 in 10 that will become a customer. Which one will be easier to find? That is why you need to be gathering customers for your products or service while you build your downline. Network marketing is a funny business compared to other industries. Let’s take AT&T for example. You do not see them trying to find people to sell their service do you? No, they are constantly marketing to find new customers and you need to be doing the same thing as well. Consider your customers as another stream of income for your business. You might be struggling to find new distributors to recruit but your missing out on potential customers that can make you quick and easy residual income. The best thing about customers is that they can be turned into distributors. They will be solid in your business because they know your product or service works. They can tell their story of how your product or service made a difference in their life with real life testimonials. If you came across someone who was desperately in need of your product or service why wouldn’t you tell them about it? Most network marketers want to talk about their business instead of the phenomenal products or service your company carries.

If you want solid income in your business then you need to start gathering customers. Start listening to people you come in contact with. Most people I come across talk more about health problems and other concerns they have. I will always tell someone about my products because I know they can help them. Once I started focusing on their needs and forgot about how silly I might sound is when I started succeeding. We are in the business of helping people with their problems. We are in the problem solving business, and if you come across someone who has a problem your product or service can solve then tell them! I promise you will start seeing positive results in your business when you stop just focusing on just recruiting and start finding customers for your company.

I highly suggest on learning material on how to gather customers for your network marketing business. This will be on of the best investments you can make in your business.

The Reasons Starting a Side Business As a Social Media Consultant Is a Good Idea

Despite the fact that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have really gone crazy with increased use over the last couple of years, there are somehow still hundreds of thousands of people around who haven’t gotten started yet. It’s true that some of those people don’t really have an interest in learning how to start with these, many more just don’t know how to get started. These are the people you would be able to help if you made the decision to start your own social media consultant business.

Generally speaking, there are two main reasons that people haven’t taken the plunge into these sites. As a social media expert, you can help with both reasons.

• They’re too far behind so it’s overwhelming

• They think it will take too much time

Many people make the decision to avoid getting started on Twitter and Facebook because they feel like it’s a lost cause. The terms that they hear other people toss around seem like a foreign language and it makes it sound as though they are too far behind to ever hope to catch up. Since there is so much terminology that you need to learn, new people feel intimidated. When you become a part-time social media consultant, you can show them that it’s not as hard as they think.

Another big reason that people are reluctant to get started with these social sites is that they are under the impression that it will take them too much time to learn them. It’s one thing to start using a new site, it’s another thing to understand all the bells and whistles within the site so you can actually use all of the cool features it has. When you become a great social media consultant, you can get them through this learning curve very quickly.

If you do start a new side business as a social media consultant, there is another benefit that will be available to you. As you become more of an expert in the field, you will be able to start helping small businesses with their social media marketing. Most small businesses are struggling to find enough hours in the day to run their business and they don’t have any leftover time to learn how to use Facebook and Twitter in their business. You can do it for them.

Starting a side business as a social media consultant gives you many different opportunities. You can choose to focus on helping people get started with their own personal accounts or you can focus your new business on handle social marketing for some of the small businesses in your area.